Importing lead and trial data using Google Sheets

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Adding lead and trial data to customers enables you to track metrics such as Trial-to-Paid Conversion Rate and Average Sales Cycle Length.

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Installing and setting up the Google Sheets app

Open a Google Sheet, navigate to ExtensionsAdd-ons > Get Add-ons, and search for ChartMogul.

Or, install the app directly from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Input your ChartMogul API Key

Open the app by creating a new Google Sheet and navigating to Extensions > ChartMogul Google Sheets integration > Open app.

To import data into ChartMogul, an Admin must create a read & write API key. Copy your API key and paste it into the ChartMogul API Key field. Then click Save key.

Adding lead and trial dates to paying customers from a Google Sheet

Adding the Lead created at and Free trial started at dates to your current paying customers enables ChartMogul to determine the trial-to-paid conversion rate and the average sales cycle length.

  1. In the ChartMogul Google Sheets app, click Enrichment > Insert template. This will add a formatted template to the Sheet that you can use to add Lead Creation and Trial Started At dates to your customers.
  2. In column A of the Google Sheet, enter a customer's email address or external id. You can find these on their ChartMogul customer record. In columns B and D, enter either free_trial_started_at or lead_created_at, depending on the data you want to import. In column C, enter the date the customer started their free trial or the date they became a lead in your CRM.
  3. Once you have formatted your data, click Send attributes to ChartMogul in the ChartMogul Google Sheets app to import your lead and trial dates into ChartMogul. Be sure to keep the Google Sheet open while importing your data. Otherwise, the import will encounter issues or stop.

Adding leads and trialing customers in real-time to ChartMogul from a Google Sheet

This enables ChartMogul to report leads before they're added to your billing system, ensuring that all trials and leads are reported as soon as they are created.

  1. In the ChartMogul Google Sheets app, click Billing Data > Customers > Insert template. This will add a formatted template to the Sheet that you can use to import your leads and trial customers to ChartMogul.
  2. You should see 10 fields to fill in. Using the template, insert your customer data into the Sheet. The only required fields are Name and either Email or External Id. If you enter an Email (but not an External Id), the Email will be used as the External Id. Company and all location-based fields are optional.
  3. The Trial and Lead fields in columns I and J are optional but are required if you want your leads and trialing customers to contribute to Leads and Trial metrics such as Trial-to-paid conversion rates. Enter a date value in these fields.
  4. Once you've formatted your data, click Send customers to ChartMogul.

When a customer converts to paid and is charged in your billing system, this may create a duplicate customer record in ChartMogul. You can merge the customer record imported from Google Sheets into the record imported from your billing system for more accurate metrics. Learn more.

Be sure to keep the Sheet open in your browser while importing customers. Otherwise, Google will encounter issues or stop the import. The app will inform you if a customer is exported/not exported and will alert you when the import is complete.

You can also find your successfully imported customers in Customers.

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