Committed MRR Forecast

CMRR is currently available for use with Recurly, Stripe, the latest version of our Chargebee integration, and custom data sources.

Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue (CMRR) is a projection of MRR into the future based on expected or scheduled changes to a subscription. Use the Committed MRR forecast to:

  • Track and forecast MRR and ARR, taking into account any future subscription changes.
  • See the total amount of a scheduled MRR movement type in a particular month (e.g., the amount of expansion in May 2024).
  • Export a list of customers scheduled to churn and create a campaign in your email marketing or CRM software to try and win them back.

Resources and further reading:

Before you begin

  • Committed rows use scheduled subscription events to calculate MRR. Subscription events are currently supported for Recurly, Stripe, and custom data sources.
  • For Recurly, New Business and Reactivation are not reported in the forecast as Recurly does not support the Start (Scheduled) subscription event type.

Reading a Committed MRR Forecast

Access the Committed MRR Forecast by navigating to Reports > Recurring Revenue > Committed MRR Forecast.

This forecast is a snapshot of current and committed MRR. As scheduled subscription events become MRR movements, they are added to the Current MRR.

Each column is a month. The first month shows the remainder of the current month.

ChartMogul breaks down Committed MRR into five standard MRR movement types:

Total Committed MRR — the total value of new revenue resulting from scheduled subscription events in the month.

Total Committed MRR (Cumulative) — a running total of Total Committed MRR showing month-over-month new revenue growth resulting from scheduled subscription events.

Current MRR — current monthly recurring revenue, calculated using invoice data. Same as MRR.

Forecasted MRR (Cumulative) — a running total of projected monthly recurring revenue (MRR) in that month and year. (The sum of Total Committed MRR (Cumulative) and Current MRR)

Total Committed ARR (Cumulative) — the sum of Total Committed MRR (Cumulative) × 12

Current ARR — current annual run rate, calculated using invoice data. Same as ARR.

Forecasted ARR (Cumulative) — a running total of projected annual run rate in that month and year. (The sum of Total Committed ARR (Cumulative) and Current ARR)

ChartMogul Committed MRR forecast

Configuring your forecast

Use the Month Ending date picker to choose how far into the future you’d like to see.

Use segmentation as part of your forecast for further analysis.

Export the forecast as CSV by clicking Export (CSV).

Select the month of the following cells to see the Activity table. This table lists the customers associated with the movement type and can be exported as a CSV:

  •  New Business
  •  Expansion
  •  Contraction
  •  Churn
  •  Reactivation
  • Total Committed MRR
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